25 June 2004

Pop Quiz: Rachael Yamagata

Aidin Vaziri | Time out. Just because everyone is comparing piano-playing singer- songwriter Rachael Yamagata, 26, to people like Fiona Apple and Norah Jones doesn't mean all her songs sound like deodorant commercials. On the contrary, critics are hailing the Chicago native's debut album, "Happenstance," for its deeply personal lyrics, lavish melodies and long-lasting odor protection. We're not making this stuff up. Well, most of it, anyway. We spoke to Yamagata about her roots in drama and her potential future in street miming.

Rachael Yamagata
Q: So if the music thing didn't happen you would pretty much be homeless.
A: Well, I would be a street performer. I could totally be a mime.
Q: Wait, you didn't tell me you could mime.
A: No, but I just did a video where I was in a glass box for 48 hours. So there was a lot of me with my hands on the box, looking out. I got some practice.