01 June 2004

Pop Quiz: Ron Sexsmith

Aidin Vaziri | Last year, the curly-haired Canadian singer- songwriter Ron Sexsmith got to play arenas with his friends in Coldplay, but for his stripped-down seventh album, "Retriever," the former mail courier is determined to make it on his own -- even if that means staying poor and unknown forever.

Ron Sexsmith
Q: Chris Martin from Coldplay sang on your previous record and let you tour with his band. Why aren't you a millionaire yet?
A: See, that's the thing. I've opened for a lot of people, and the thinking is that it's a great launching pad. But I've never found that to be true. I win more people over at my own shows, whereas when you're playing those shows at places like Madison Square Garden, it's hard because you're trying to do your set and all you hear is people yelling, "Coldplaaay!"
Q: Maybe it would help if you married a hot actress.
A: Maybe, yeah. L.A. is the town for that, I guess.
Q: Well then, what are you talking to me for? Get out there.