19 June 2004

Pop Quiz: Secret Machines

Aidin Vaziri | Are the Secret Machines dangerous? No, they're just a band from Texas that moved to New York to play woozy nine-minute psychedelic rock epics with titles like "First Wave Intact" and "Pharaoh's Daughter." Are the Secret Machines loud? Are you kidding? Have you heard the trio's debut album, "Now Here Is Nowhere"? It sounds like a meteor hitting Antarctica. Are the Secret Machines drug addicts? Probably, judging by the conversation we had with guitar player and singer Ben Curtis.

Secret Machines
Q: Have you ever taken peyote and run around naked in the desert?
A: I think I ran around the desert naked once, but that was in Washington. It wasn't really the desert.
Q: Did you wear body paint?
A: We don't do body paint. It's all or nothing.
Q: Did you see a tumbleweed and think it was God?
A: I mean, I might do that anyway, but I've never done peyote.
Q: Why not?
A: Never been able to find it.